White Violin

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This white violin includes a sturdy case, rosin and a violin bow with a free bonus guide all at a cheap price.

  • WhiteViolin Body: Maple wood 
  • Specification: white Pine wood 
  • Back & sides: Maple wood 
  • Fingerboard: Pear wood 
  • Embed string: Maple wood 
  • Chin rest, axes, tail button: Pear wood (black) 
  • String: Steel wire from JAPA 
  • String bridge: White cow within plot wood 
  • Bow: Metal branch 
  • tail: White horse cercus 
  • Horse tail storeroom : Ebony 
  • Cuprum r warp: White cuprum)
  • Triangle cuprum patch: White cuprum

FREE BONUS! - As Our special way of saying thank you for your business, We will include this helpful learning guide: Learn 2 Read Music Guide Absolutely FREE (Regularly $7.99).

Please view our online Violin Size Guide to learn more about choosing the violin that is the right size for you.

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  • Model: CVSV-300WT
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