Cecilio CEVN-4NA Red Electric Silent Violin w/ Solidwood

$499.99  $169.99
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Cecilio Red Electric Silent Violin w/ solidwood Ebony fitted in red mahogany.

Electric Violin Outfit Features:
  • Hand Carved Solid Maple Construction
  • Beautiful Red Mahogany Metallic Finish
  • Ebony Fingerboard, Chin Rest and Pegs Ebony Tailpiece with Mother of Pearl inlay and 4 Detachable Fine Tuners
  • Pick up Powered by a 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Pro-Deluxe Durable Plush Lined Nylon Covered Hard Shell Case with Backpack Straps & Zipper Pocket
  • Ebony Frogged Bow With Mother of Pearl Inlay & Unbleached Genuine Mongolian Horsehair
  • Size Available: 4/4

Outfit includes the following FREE accessories:
FREE Quality Rosin Cake
FREE Headphone
FREE AUX cable
FREE 9V Alkaline Battery

FREE BONUS! Our special way of saying thank you -We will include this helpful guide: Learn 2 Read Music Absolutely FREE (Regularly $7.99).

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  • Model: CEVN-4NA
  • 500 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Cecilio

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